The open pages symbolise the eyes of Maa Tarini and the lamp in the middle her nose. The open book stands for continuous learning, enlightenment and intellectual endeavour. The lamp expels the darkness of ignorance. It is an humble invocation to the supreme and Almighty God to lead kindly light and to bless the students of this almamater to keep their heads high. The National adage from the Upanishad “SATYAMEBA JAYATE” that pronounces the victory of Truth alone at the bottom of the Crest symbolises transparency, in the matter of culture, devotion values, morality, honour and valour.


The foundation stone of the college main gate, the ‘Matru Toran’ was laid by Sri M.C. Dehury, the hon’ble Trustee, Maa Tarini Temple Trust. It was designed by Prof Jagannath Dash, Principal in the year 2005 and in the same year the construction of the gate was complete. At the threshold at a suitable height sits Maa Tarini on an altar showering blessings and fearlessness on the onlookers and those who enter this institution. In the innerside Goddess Saraswati sits and blesses the students enriching their mind with the power of knowledge

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"To succeed in your mission,
you must have single minded,
devotion to your goal."

Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam.